Everything is connected

Welcome to the 21st century. A place where change is the new form of capital and creativity, the new currency. A place where digital technology is breaking down barriers and opening up new ways to communicate, interact, inspire and create. A place where everyone and everything is connected.

LetsGoConnected brings together a select line-up of renowned speakers, industry leaders, media spokespeople and key decision-makers to probe the depths of this digital revolution. Through a series of exhibits, presentations, demonstrations and displays, this ground-breaking event explores the possibilities and challenges technology poses not only for the creative industries but for society at large. Because the digital age is not only transforming the way we produce, distribute and consume creative content but also the way it fuels productivity, creative thinking and prosperity in virtually every other domain.

So get ready for the future. And get ready to go connected…



LetsGoConnected is an event created by Bertelsmann, NBC Universal and Vivendi. First held in 2012 in Brussels, the event now takes place annually in Brussels, Madrid, London and Berlin in collaboration with local partners.